Key dates



Emball’Iso was founded to supply isothermal packaging for the transport of medication for the Health and Pharmaceutical industries.



The Airplac® Division was founded to produce lightweight foam board panels for the graphic arts sector.



Foundation of our german subsidiary Isopor in order to manufacture the extruded polystyrene that both Divisions of the company use for their products.



Foundation of the UK subsidiary,  Emball'iso-M2 ltd for the manufacture of foam board panels for the thriving British market.



Emball’Iso is certified ISO 9001.



Emball’Iso produces more than 1 000 000 m² of foam board panels.



A new site 7 500 m² factory is built for the French headquarters in the Beaujolais region



Emball’Iso is certified ISO 14001.



A 1 000 m² extension is added to the French factory.



A new Web Site for the Airplac® brand and the launch of Airplac® STREET-  our first outdoor foam board panel.

Airplac® :

an industrial adventure for creative people





Necessity breeds invention is no truism in the case of the origins of Airplac® foam board. At Emball’Iso, the company was specialized until then in isothermal packaging for the transport of pharmaceuticals and had always adopted a scientific approach to the raw materials. A request formulated at a packaging trade fair lead to re-inventing the production process. The outcome: Airplac® became the Brand and also the name of the Division that manufactures and sells foam board panels with the same quality criteria as for the pharmaceutical packaging.


Interview with the man who master-minded

the foundation of the Airplac® foam board



What does Airplac®

mean to you?


Michel Mabile - Firstly, it was a fantastic

professional experience! And it gives me

great satisfaction to know that

I participated in the success story of

a French start-up that is now a thriving

business, recognized in its field all over the world.


What were the success factors for the Airplac® Division ?


Michel Mabile - I believed in the potential of a market that had been a niche ! I also had the great luck to meet some individuals who were exceptional and together, we transformed our dreams into reality. We went from one sheet of white foam board to a complete catalogue with hundreds of articles. From ZERO customers, we went on to selling to customers in over 30 countries.


Have you achieved your ambitions ?


Michel Mabile - Yes. Our products are available in all the major national and international Art Materials stores. I am also very satisfied to have supplied the raw material to a whole community of creative people. And of course to have had our customers thanking me for what we have meant to them. More recently we have started to supply the Print and Visual Communication markets with wide format rigid substrates and that is a spring-board for future growth.




Key Numbers


foam board





2 000 000 m²

of Airplac® panels sold every year

employees all over the world



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